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Hey Lovelies,

Spooky season has begun. I’ve already planned a Halloween event in my village, weekend candles and decorations galore and got my must watch list out. Joining it this year is the fantastic, The Strangers, which has been re-released on limited edition Blu-Ray from today.

Starring Liv Tyler, the classic thriller based on the Manson murders and real-life break ins, follows the events of one night, as a couple are terrorised in their home by masked figures. Made on a small budget, the feature is in no way small when it comes to the scares. Much like the classic Scream, it teases audiences throughout with the classic theme of us knowing but them not of what is to come.

When I was little I remember the advert for this film scaring the living daylights out of me. We used to own a caravan and I can recall it appearing on the TV in my bedroom before running out to my mum to protect me from it. Still now the film doesn’t lack the chills it can give. Whilst reviewers may not have given it a chance back then, watching it now with modern social media and recent news stories in our heads, it is even more horrific.

The film fits 2020 more so than anything in fact. Taking the idea of a masked killer coming into our homes and haunting us in many ways is something that the world is facing. Putting it into a physical form in the film and the parallels are endless.

Tyler is the true heroine of the film and much like other classic leading ladies in horror films, you can see the power of her performance. More so now than anything. Her reactions mirror what many of us would feel. Connecting with it whilst watching even.

The Strangers passed me by years ago. I think the bedroom advert scare led me to staying away. However, as a fully grown horror fan now, it is a feature that I will be adding to the must-watch each year pile. Even if I did find myself wanting to lock everything up and get my mum to save me from it again.

3 Stars

Joey X

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