Wednesday Wonder Women: My Mum - A Real Superhero


Hey Lovelies, 

My mum! My real-life superhero! I was a wreck last week and didn’t tell anyone but her. Birthdays are always hard for me and I never know why. The sadness of them stays with me for days after. Yet, Jane Davison made sure that I kept my spirits up. 

She motivated me and helped me every step of the way. So much so that I challenged myself a few times over the past few days mentally. 

Today when speaking to my therapist, the team said they were so proud of my mum. Something that I adored hearing. Most people would say they have the best mum in the world and I am happy to say a lot of you have incredible mums too, but mine is honestly the greatest one alive (to me aha!). 

I wouldn’t get up every day without her. I wouldn’t be inspired and motivated. She is my queen. Hearing others praise and speak so highly of her today makes me feel so incredibly lucky. There is and never will be another one like her and I love her so much.
Thank you, Mother, for everything you do for me and no I don’t care if I am being too emotional about it!

Joey X

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