The Luminaries Review


Hey Lovelies,  

Do you ever watch something and wonder why you started and when is a good time to end? Based on the best-selling book, The Luminaries, plays out in six episodes. Each one leading to an inner turmoil that will have you wondering if you should carry on viewing or not. Not always for good reasons. Something you will find upon watching the series, which is out now on DVD and digitally, as of today.  

Tracing the trial of Anna Wetherell (Eve Hewson), who is seeking to clear her name, after she is believed to be involved in the murder of Crosbie Wells (Ewen Leslie). The show also entangles a love story within it, as Anna finds herself seeking the approval and love from her latest interest Emery Staines (Himesh Patel). 

Over the course of the episodes the show gets more confusing but not in a way that wraps up cleverly. In fact, each one finds itself becoming boring. You don’t really want to find out what happens because you find yourself not as interested as you were within the first episode. With a fantastic cast, you would have hoped for more for them, yet the script and story never truly deliver. Especially not in the same way in which the book did.  

There are many moments that will spark joy for readers of the book. However, if you haven’t read it or are not as aware as others, it might win you over. Yet, it doesn’t seem that even having the knowledge of the book's narrative can help this show.  

The Luminaries never manages to pick our interest in the same way that the book did. Something that fans will find hard. Especially when so many may actually turn to this instead of the page to find out why it is so popular. A fact that is a little too hard to swallow.  

2 Stars 

Joey X 

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