Sunday Bake: You Will Fall In Fudge With This Two-Ingredient Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe


Hey Lovelies,


Sunday is here again and with it comes a brand-new bake for you all to create, make and enjoy with the whole family, with friends or on your own! This week, I have gone for another simple one, because as we ease out of lockdown, many of us are hoping for something not to difficult. This recipe fits in perfectly with that.  

Made with only two ingredients, this is more of a sweet than a cake or cookie delight, but one that you can get your teeth right into. Plus, it includes chocolate which is always a winner. Something that after nearly 10 years I finally enjoyed again this week on my birthday. A huge anorexia recovery win for me.  

Let’s celebrate with this two-ingredient chocolate fudge recipe, shall we... 


  • 440 g Chocolate (Your Favourite!), Broken into Squares 
  • 395 g Condensed Milk 


  • 20cm Square Cake Tin 
  • Baking Paper 
  • Saucepan 
  • Mixing Spoon 
  • Spatula 
  • Knife 


  1. Start by preparing a 20cm square cake tin by greasing and lining with your baking paper lovelies. Make sure to leave some paper hanging over the sides to make it easier to remove the fudge when it has set. 
  2. Add the condensed milk and chocolate to your saucepan and mix together over a low heat for six to eight minutes, stirring constantly, until all the chocolate is melted and the pair are well combined.  
  3. Remove the saucepan from the heat and pour the mixture into your tin. Using the spatula quickly smooth the top of the fudge and place into the fridge for six hours or if easier overnight to set.  
  4. After the time is done, remove from the fridge and using the paper take it out of the tin. Taking the knife, cut the fudge into squares of your sizing and enjoy! 

Don’t forget to share your creations with me lovelies, as I love to share them with others and on the blog! It makes me so happy! Also, don’t forget to tell us what are you all making today lovelies! 

Joey X 

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