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Hey Lovelies,

Anna Paquin is no longer Sookie Stackhouse. Gone are the days of True Blood, for now she is a PR with a lot of customer problems. After a hugely successful first series on W Channel, Flack is back with a second series, out on DVD today. Welcoming us back into the world of celebrities and media, the new series provides interesting episodes at every turn.

Paquin plays Robyn, a publicist who must help prevent her clients from having the careers ruined by their antics. Deaths, sex, babies, and drugs, you name it they are all involved in some way. And Robyn gets a lot of flak from it.

Some may find the show ridiculous; others will love it and continue to do so. It is a mixture of both madness and seriousness, but ultimate it is a dark please to watch right from the start. Honestly, once you are in, you are in.

Not much about the story or the plot is new and much of it has been seen before. Yet sometimes this is what makes a show work. The female powerhouses bring the house down and give a fresh look to some of the storylines. They show that while we may have seen it all before, we still love the stories and I guarantee you that you will not be able to stop watching.

Easily binge-able, the show is one to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Paquin is at her best again and giving audiences a whole new look to what we know and love her for. All of which make it a perfect PR recipe.

3 Stars

Joey X

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