Saturday Shout Out: Thank You BBC Three Counties For All The Fun!


Hey Lovelies,

During the week I find my mornings filled with joy. Often getting a lot of what I need to do done as soon as I wake up, I am someone who likes to have people talking about fun items whilst doing them. Luckily, I have found my kind of people to help me with this.

From 6am until around 2pm, I am an avid daily listener of BBC Three Counties radio. Discovering them when I came home from hospital, I now regularly reach out and get involved with the breakfast show starring Andy Collins, Ben and Danny. I then fall into the Jonathan Vernon Smith show afterward for the fun jukebox hour he hosts.

I adore a podcast, but for me, these shows just feel so comforting now. I actually get upset when the weekends come and I know that they won’t be on the radio supporting me along in the morning. Although, JVS does an amazing few hours on Saturday.

This may seem like a bit of a random blog post, with many of you will wonder why I am writing it, but I wanted to do this post to highlight the amazing work that they are doing. The station was one of the first to mention Captain Tom Moore. They have made sure to not scare or highlight the nasty acts happening in the world. They care about their listeners and chat with them daily.

For all of this, I wanted to say thank you to them! The station is a fun one and I wish I worked or featured on their shows with them because I think it would be a very rewarding and fun show to be on. Especially the morning one.

If you are going to start listening to it, which I suggest you do lovely, just a few things. Be prepared to think a lot about the daily questions. Get a bottle of wine for Friday morning tastings. Pick an upbeat song everyone can dance to during the week and send it to the JVS Show. Get quizzing on Sunday with La Voix. Oh, and finally, have a cup of coffee at 11am on Saturday with the team.

Thank you BBC 3CR for everything! I am off to listen to you now!

Joey X

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