Flashback Film Friday: Fall In Love With Lady And The Tramp Again!


Hey Lovelies, 

Do you ever have those days where a new film just won’t do and you need to snuggle up with a classic that has not been able to leave your mind Often, I find myself going back to the ones I loved when I was little or a teenager, especially on cold and wet days. They are like a comfort blanket that wraps you up so snuggly. 

Recently, with the magic of Disney+, I have been going back through a lot of animations that I have not seen or cannot remember much about. Picking is always hard for me. I find I spend more time trying to find what to watch than watching some of the time. However, delving into the archives I uncovered, Lady and the Tramp. 

Having witnessed the release of the new collection on the shopDisney UK website, I wanted to see if my love of the film was still as true as I remembered. Whilst it is not as up there as others, it is still a winner in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong I was shocked at certain moments. Many that could not be made or shown now, but I still fell under its charm. 

I know that she is a dog, but Lady is a true badass when it comes to fighting for what she believes in and navigating her way around the world. Even when she is hit by one of her owners, a move I was horrified to witness in a film, she keeps fighting for what she knows is right. 

The film is also a great showing of why cats cannot be trusted. All of them are evil and I believe that I will have to watch The Aristocats now to get over them being so wrong. It does prove also that if you want any kind of dog, it should be a fun, cuddly-looking Scottish one, who will always be by your side. 

For a Disney film, it definitely would have to change a lot now for it to be shown, but I loved falling back under its spell. The iconic pasta scene still fills my heart with so much joy. I do now want all of the items from the shopDisney UK collection. I also want to adopt a dog and love it with all my heart. 

A live-action feature has just been recreated for Disney+ of the film, highlighting how popular it is still. Although, I haven’t seen this one yet. I would definitely suggest re-watching or viewing the film for the first time if you haven’t seen it before lovelies. It is a true classic that stands the test of time. Dog years even!

Joey X

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