Five Things I've Started Doing To Help My Mental Health


Hey Lovelies,

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. As many of you know, I struggle a lot with my mental health. I am currently battling anorexia, body dysmorphia and was diagnosed a long time ago with panic and anxiety disorder. It is never easy living with these conditions. In fact, it is a daily battle.

Yet, I have an amazing family, bunch of friends and medical team who are on hand to help me. For that, I am so thankful to them. I am also thankful that my brain also allows me to listen to what it needs.

After being in hospital, the following things have become just some of the little bits and pieces I do to help support my wellbeing. They are a random bunch, but they might just help you as well lovelies. Here are a few of the things I have done to help my mental health recently…

Listening To A New Radio Show or Podcast: Since coming home from the hospital, I have fallen back in love with podcasts and the radio. I love listening to my local station, BBC Three Counties in the morning and afternoon, before falling into a podcast whilst having my dinner. Some of my current favourites are The Archers, Chrisley Confessions, Scarlett Moffatt Wants To Believe and Grounded With Louis Theroux.

Wearing Something You Saved For Best: When everyday becomes like any other, it is easy to stop looking after yourself. Believe me, I have days where I really cannot be bothered. But then I have days where I think about why am I saving something for best? I have since been wearing fancy perfumes. Clothes that I only keep for special occasions. Treating myself to the odd spot of online shopping. Little things can really make a difference.

Self-Care Is The Best Care: To add to the little things, I have also been making sure to look after my face and body more. I have set out little routines, including face masks, eye masks, sleep schedules and shower products that put a little added joy into my days. I am honestly coming out of lockdown with a whole new face it would seem.

Avoiding The News: I did not realise how much news and social media I was taking in until the pandemic hit. I do read it and listen to it now still, but not as much. This has been helpful in lowering my anxiety. Instead, I now look after myself by trying to find the good news or stories online or unfollowing what causes an upset to my wellbeing. Happiness can be found in the oddest places.

Hugging My Mum: Never have I felt more thankful for my mum being around me. She is my best friend, sister and superhero all rolled into one. Simply being able to give her a hug everyday is something I will never take for granted again. I know that so many people are not able to do this right now. Please know I am sending you a virtual hug as I write this and that you can always reach out to me if you need someone. I am always here for you.

Looking after yourself is all about you lovelies. You must listen to your mind, body and soul to see what truly will make you happy. I am at a place right now where I struggle everyday with my illness and anxiety. Yet, these little things can lead to big positives and happiness. Even if for a short moment. Take time to listen to you. I am sure your mental health will thank you.

Please do not forget that you can always reach out to me on here, on social or if you ever see me in Hertfordshire in person too! I am always here for you lovelies!

Joey X

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