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Hey Lovelies,

After two fantastic seasons and lots of hilarious specials, The Windsors returned for a third outing full of royal antics. Out today on DVD and digitally, the royals are reigning still in this new series.

Taking audiences behind the royal gates of Buckingham Palace, the series doesn’t hold back on hitting on topics that have hit headlines continuously. From David Beckham’s anger at not getting a Knighthood to how Harry and Meghan truly cope in their royal limelight, there isn’t a single moment that doesn’t reflect on what the media has been discussing in recent months.

It is a clever twist on showing how the most famous family in the world lives. We would all love to be a fly on the wall at one of their events or in their homes. Whilst the show isn’t real, it makes for some desire for it to be. You want to see the characters and what they are doing. You want to believe that it is real. Especially the idea of Prince Charles going on strike or the hilarious planning of Princess Beatrice’s wedding.

As a country, we love the royals and this show cements that we also love to make them a laughable feature. We want to see them rise and fall at times. We need to see them in all their powerful but also mishap glory. This show does that and with a powerful comedy cast too.

Sometimes when a show reaches several series it can feel like too much. However, it doesn’t feel that way with The Windsors. It is a clever, bold and pushing the boundaries feature that will continue to entertain for a long time. Especially if the royals keep providing the writers with lots of interesting content.

4 Stars

Joey X

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