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Hey Lovelies, 

When I was younger, I wanted to be a member of Charlie’s Angels. Specifically, Drew Barrymore’s character, who I thought was the coolest person on the planet. Yet, after two successful features, my dreams of becoming an angel were dashed when years passed with no return to the franchise.

In 2019 though, this all changed with the return of the famous threesome, thanks to director Elizabeth Banks. And finally it is out today on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally! With John Bosley (Patrick Stewart) leaving the ladies behind, the Townsend Agency is getting a makeover. When an energy-saving project goes wrong, Sabina (Kristen Stewart) and Jane (Ella Balinska) must work alongside engineer Elena (Naomi Scott), the person who created it, to help try and save the world before it is too late.

With a powerhouse performance from all three leading ladies, the feature gives another modern look at feminism, whilst never losing the charm of the franchise. There is a sense that whilst this is girl power at its highest, the feature has also been made to show younger audience members the fun that the angels were known for having. The women in the feature are doing all they can to make sure that their performances are up there with the others. Something they very much succeeds.

There is an element of difference though. The angels give off a presence that they don’t need each other as much as others do. Whilst they work together, they also present independence that others haven’t presented before. It is a clever representation of women both working together and on their own. Banks as a writer and director has shown that women can lead the way in both manners without any bitchiness or power play.

With Stewart as the leader of the pack, it is fun to see her in a completely different role. She is a revelation in the feature, and it shows that she can do just about anything thrown at her. As do the other leading ladies in the feature, who have catapulted themselves into the limelight even further with these powerhouse performances.

All three show how the theme of beauty to win is no longer needed. It is brains, strength and intelligence that helps them to win. The fight. Something that we all grateful for seeing on the big screen. The action isn’t downplayed. The fights are even tougher. The women are ready to change the world. A process so powerful that nothing and no one can deny that it is needed. Even if it feels the same as before at times. It isn’t! It is even better.

Banks is a director that thinks a lot about what her audiences want to see. Every detail is captured to the best effect. From story to costume, she knows how to make sure that those watching will feel something. Whether it be laughter, love or ultimately with this feature girl power, she builds strong worlds and women. Two things we can always stand up and salute.

4 Stars

Joey X

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