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Hey Lovelies, 

For many people, the world of DC and its characters are forever changing. From Pattinson’s takeover of Batman to a new Wonder Woman feature, this year it is all happening for the franchise. Especially when they continue to release new features from the comics including Superman: Red Son, which is out today on Blu-Ray and digitally.

Taking audiences into another side of the DC hero, the film captures our hero having been brought up in a different world. Based in Ukraine, Superman becomes the face of the Soviet Union. A turn not many would be expecting. Even more so with the unexpected Lex Luthor saving the world from communism moments that the story churns out.

For a feature, it is one of pure madness. Seeing a heroic comic book hero in a completely new manner is something many of us seek. But it would never normally be within this manner. It doesn’t feel right at times. There is too much happening within the story that just doesn’t fit in with the DC comics. Or with what we know about Superman.

None of the story flows and the pacing of the plot is a bit of a flop. There is never a smooth flow throughout. It is one thing after another with no timings to catch up with what has just happened. It is a pour display of what could have been an interesting display of individualism in a franchise feature.

Superman is taking on a different version of himself in Red Son, but it fails to make a real connection.

2 Stars

Joey X

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