A Little Life Update On Eating Disorder Recovery, Coronavirus and More!


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Hey Lovelies, 

The last few days have been funny, to say the least! Three months to the day I was admitted and following the same menu I entered on, I was discharged from the hospital because of an outbreak of coronavirus in another ward!

My consultant told me I was the biggest risk he was taking but knew that having no visitors or leave would send me on a downward spiral that could have led to dangerous consequences. I’m in no way done in my recovery. I don’t know what the near or far future holds. Yet, being allowed home and seeing the faith my consultant has in me has given me so much motivation.

It all feels fragile. It is scaring me to no end. But I have the best parents guiding me. The most supportive set of girls who I met on the ward, who I know will win this fight. And I have dreams I want to achieve. I am finding it hard, but I have a Disneyland Paris trip, family occasions and laughter to be had. Now is the time to push forward and win the fight as much as I possibly can.

This one's for the lush ladies on the ward...

  • Dining Room Feedback: My raisins were in my bowl all along and the jacket potato night tonight is going to be good!
  • Question: If you had to isolate yourself with any celebrity who would it be?
  • Positive of the Day: Arranging a jacket potato night at home with Jess Wicks! 

We’ve have got this girls! Just remember the scales are just a number, BMI’s are fucking stupid and it’s all going to taste great!

Joey X

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