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Hey Lovelies, 

Dry skin is something I have always suffered from. Especially on my hands, where my hands are concerned. They crack and split open with the weather. They do not like being on the ward with the hot and cold temperatures. But thankfully I am learning how to control them. With some good old-fashioned soothing cream.

For years, I have tried and retried products. Some work for ages. Others will last about a week and then my hands return to how they have always been. Yet, one super soothing solution I have found is that of Cetaphil. Whether it be on my face, body or even just my hands, it has always managed to make them soft.

I stumbled across the brand a few years ago, after reading about them on another blog. Since then, I have followed the developments of it and used it often in the dead of winter. Kindly after speaking to the team behind the brand, they offered me the chance to review some of their products. Something I was more than happy to do.

My skin is super sensitive. Going through anorexia and other illnesses has meant that it is also very fragile. It can become thin and red when using the wrong product. When I received the first of two lotions in the post, the green moisturising lotion, suitable for sensitive and normal skin, I was excited to see what the difference was to the one I normally would use.

In a handy pump-based bottle, the lotion sinks into the skin fast and stays put, even when faced with tough conditions such as central heating, wind, rain and everything else that affects the skin. Without any fragrances, the cream feels light and easy to apply. You don’t feel like you are walking around caked in a product. In fact, the green one feels super soft and nourishing. An element I really enjoyed. The green product is also filled with vitamin E, which made me feel like my skin was getting extra care applied to it than normal.

When it came to the end of the day, I was ready to cleanse my skin with their blue-based gentle skin cleanser. Mild and soap-free, the cleanser can be applied anywhere on the body. Something that not many cleansers can do. Built around sensitive skin, the product glided on well and I felt like the pores on my nose came away extra clear. My face felt super soft and my hands didn’t look as red anymore.

As someone who isn’t completely aware of what to do with make up and beauty products, it was nice to be able to find two that helped my skin. Two products that I think will continue to do so for a long time. I know I may sound biased because I was sent the items, but I honestly went in with an open mind. I found that having the easy to use pump, good-sized bottles, and fragrance-free element has really helped my skin. I will be looking for more to try in the future.

To find out more about the brand and the products they have available, head to the Cetaphil website lovelies. There is so much to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.

Joey X

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  1. I love Cetaphil! When I had an allergic reaction a few months ago, it was all I could use that wouldn't cause my skin any further issues! I'm now a big fan and use their products daily xo

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