Happy Valentine's Day! Spend It Cosying Up With One of These Classics!


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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Valentine’s Day has arrived and whether you are spending it with your partner or besties, now is the best time to watch these romantic features! Whether it be in the cinema or at home, the following films never fail to create that loving mood every year.

Dirty Dancing: Nothing beats the dance at the end of this film. Sure, to get you and those you are spending the most romantic day of the year up and dancing with, as Johnny and Baby’s romance plays out on screen.

The Notebook: The first of two Ryan Gosling films on this list, this classic will forever earn its place as one of the romantic films of all time. Whilst there is a sadness to it, the scene in the rain will make anyone’s heart stop and fall in love with it.

La La Land: If the music doesn’t make you fall under this spell's charms, the romance between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s characters will. Tragic but incredible, the sun will shine bright, even in the cold of February with this love story.

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10 Things I Hate About You: Two words – Heath Ledger! Singing his heart out in the role that earned him his legendary status in Hollywood, this film has gone down in history for its portrayal of teen romance. It will make you smile for days after watching it. Fact!

Bridget Jones’s Diary: Bridget Jones is a true hero of mine! Battling the attention of two men, whilst finding a new job and getting to grips with her crazy family makes for some entertaining viewing that still makes it a great Valentine’s film nearly 20 years on. Plus, as my mum would point out it has Colin Firth in it.

To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You: Gather the girls round, order or make some yummy food and snuggle up with this sequel to the original Netflix hit. Based on the best-selling book, it will not disappoint, as it stays very true to the story. A film that will have you feeling the love in no time.

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Crazy Rich Asians: Beautiful landscapes and an epic love story, mixed with comedy and madness, this feature tells the story of Rachel, who discovers that her boyfriend Nick has been hiding a secret fortune. There are lots of reasons to watch this, but the wedding scene will have you gasping.

Call Me by Your Name: If you haven’t seen this love story yet, do so! Not only will it have you falling under its charm from the Italian landscape, but the heartbreaking love story between the two male characters in the film will.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day everyone and I hope you enjoy one or more of the films on the list with whoever you are spending it with!

Joey X

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