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Quietly taking the film festival by storm, Giant Little Ones, out on DVD and digitally today tells a coming out story that really packs a punch. Faced with the reactions from his friends, family and the entire school, Franky (Josh Wiggins), is left struggling when an experience with his best friend becomes twisted in a way that leaves a true impact on his life.

Having just turned 16, Franky and his best friend Ballas (Darren Mann) are trying to survive the everyday aspects of teenage life. Both have girlfriends, yet Ballas is the only one who claims to have had sex with his. When a drunken night leads the pair to end up in the same bed though, Franky is faced with trying to discover his sexuality all over again. Something that isn’t helped when Ballas claims to all those around him that Franky came onto him.

The film touches on many aspects of a teenager’s life, but it is the trauma in which you see Franky going through that really affects you. Knowing the truth as an audience member makes the plot frustrating at times, yet you embrace the powerful tropes in which the story is trying to convey. It is a clever coming of age piece that tries to test not only its character's emotions but your own as a viewer.

Character-wise it is easy to forget the adult side of the story, which whilst it does have its own take, doesn’t really add much to the whole plot. It is simply the superb acting from Wiggins that makes the film what it is. Without him, there wouldn’t be much to make of the film, to be honest. It does much touch on lots that we have already seen on screen when reflecting back on viewing it.

Take it or leave it is the main idea with this film. With a fantastic performance from Wiggins, one will not be disappointed. However, the story and its ideas may not stimulate the feature as much as you would have hoped.

4 Stars

Joey X

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