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Hey Lovelies, 

Taking audiences on a disturbing look at racism, Farming, out today on DVD and digitally, is a drama that shows the horrors faced by a young Nigerian boy growing up in Essex, as he joins a white skinhead gang.

Given up by his parents, in hopes, he will live a better life in England, Enitan (Damson Idris), is faced with both mental and physical torture. Faced with neglection as a child, the only way Enitan feels he can continue, without the brutality of it is to join the Tilbury Skins. A local gang led by the crazed Levi (John Dagleish). A figure who truly knows no bounds when it comes to violence.

Throughout the feature, elements truly leave you shocked. From the powder placed onto the young boy’s face to the horrors in which the young men create, it is a powerful way of making you think about the world in which we live in. Nothing is right. The world is bleak and dark. Even when it does try to give the audience a moment of relief, it seems like the world has already closed off from any redemption and nothing is going to be right again.

It also doesn’t help that lots of the characters fail to be developed enough. They are not given the action on screen in which they need. They are just these brual faces who only want what is best for them. Even if that is them seeking freedom.

Farming is a feature that packs a punch, yet it doesn’t always do it in the right way. Hard to watch for many reasons, the film doesn’t know when to release its audience members from its grip of darkness. Watch with caution but do view.

3 Stars

Joey X

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