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When BBC One stated that they would be making a series based around the Profumo affair scandal, I will admit that I had no clue what it would be about. However, I was interested to see the different take that they were taking with it. Breaking away from the norm, The Trial of Christine Keeler focuses in on Keeler and the life she led before and after the news broke. Now out on DVD and digitally, the series is one that you should definitely all be watching.

Approved by the infamous figure before her death, Sophie Cookson takes on the role of the 19-year-old model who was faced with an onslaught of abuse and horror. Growing up in London, Keeler is shown as having dealt with horrific abuse from early boyfriends, whilst trying to find a permanent home in London. The abuse changes as the series goes on, as the figures turn into a nation. One that never forgave her.

With an all-star cast working alongside her, including James Norton, Cookson is the real star of the show. Famed for her turn in Kingsman, this new side to her talents is one that will make her a household name. Gentle and powerful all in one, her take on Keeler shows a new generation how much the figure was shamed. Whilst Profumo stepped down, he was clearly forgiven. Keeler not so.

Whilst not so much as powerful as previous BBC series, such as A Very English Scandal, The Trial of Christine Keeler is one that will still teach you something. Whether it be about the whole event or the individuals involved, it presents a Legend appeal type manner. Something that keeps the whole series entertaining from start to finish.

4 Stars

Joey X

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