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Hey Lovelies,

Finally, in a whirlwind of emotions, January has finally come to a middle point. What seems to be the longest month of the year is nearly over. But there is still so much to embrace before it goes.

The winds are turning. Spring is trying to reappear and with that comes new TV shows to binge on. Over Christmas, I didn’t think there was much good on. Yet, in January I have found a whole host of things to enjoy.

From BBC IPlayer to Netflix, the cold nights have been made a whole lot warmer with these five beauties...

Shrill, BBC IPlayer: After hearing about this show on Twitter, I finally got around to watching it when it launched on BBC IPlayer. Filling the gap that Girls left behind in my life, it is a fabulous creation that will leave you thinking about how you view your life and body. Plus, you will find yourself with a new crush on Aidy Bryant.

The Witcher, Netflix: Not my normal TV viewing, I have found myself really getting into The Witcher. Not just because of Henry Cavill, although he is very easy on the eye, but also due to the gripping storylines. Warning though, it is a bit gory.

The Bold Type, Amazon Prime Video: Preparing for the new series, which is due to land on the 23rd January, I have been re-watching the third season. Everything about this show is great. Passionate females working hard to get what they want in life. Romance. Fashion. Politics. You name it, this show has it!

Britain’s Favourite Cereal, Channel Five: A bit of an odd one, but when this aired on TV the whole ward sat down to watch it. I wore a Kellogg’s top a few days later in tribute to it. Discover and learn which of your favourite cereals made the top 20 in the UK in this hour and a half special. You will be shocked who comes out on top.

Sex Education, Netflix: Another feature I have been watching in preparation for series two, coming out next week. There are so many topics tackled, and the second load of episodes looks like it will be taking on even harder issues. Find out about Otis and co as soon as you can.

What have you been watching throughout January lovelies?

Joey X

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