Five Things That Will Happen When You Watch Netflix's Sex Education


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Hey Lovelies,

Last year I was like many over people and fell in love with the Netflix original series, Sex Education. At first, it confused me. Not for the subject matter. It was a confusion of when was it set? Who was each character? Where they present characters or where they going to do a This Is Us on viewers and go back and forth? Once everything was explained, I binged the lot. Then I waited for the second season and was it worth it.

Having literally just finished watching it, I am amazed with the way in which the second season took on more pressing and tackling matters than before. Of course, sex was one of them, but this season told tales from the LGBTQ community. Different religions. Sexual assault. Family drama and more. It is a series that is slowly becoming the new Skins and I love it.

When watching though, there are a few circumstances that just make it impossible to watch with anyone else. Parents = NO! Public areas = NO! But when at home or with friends, it is a free for all. Once you start you will literally never ever be able to stop watching. You will end up literally doing the following:

A Season One Binge-Watch Will Happen: Before you allow yourself to dive into the second season, you will end up telling and making yourself re-watch the first one again. This will lead to hours of messaging and reminding yourself that season two will be taken slower. It won’t.

Each Episode Won’t Seem Long Enough: 49 minutes will soon seem like the fastest amount of time you have ever spent watching something in your life. You will be asking Netflix for feature-length ones. Full to the brim with the great stories in the show already.

You Will Demand for A Copy of The Soundtrack: Each episode features amazing songs and you will be demanding a copy of the soundtrack before you know it. There is a 70s feel to the show, but this time, you will be hoping to go back to the 90s to fill up your iPods.

Googling Each Actor Will Occur: You will want to know where you have seen many of the familiar faces in the show before, with the standout one being Gillian Anderson. With such a fabulous cast, you will soon fall into a Wikipedia/IMDB rabbit hole of what they are doing now, next and in the future.

You Will Beg Netflix For More: Once you have finished watching the new series, you will take to your social media accounts and beg Netflix to deliver more. Hopefully by the end of the week…

Have you watched Sex Education season two? What did you think lovelies?

Joey X

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