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Hey Lovelies, 

Chucky, the doll that caused so many of us nightmares for years is back, as his latest feature Child's Play is released today on DVD, Blu-ray and digitally! However, he hasn’t changed anything about what we all knew about him. Telling the story of a killer doll, who causes madness and mayhem, the 2019 nightmare is more of a cheap thrill.

In this latest feature from the Chucky franchise, the story follows an innocent child, who is terrorised by the doll he has been gifted. Possessed by a murderer, the doll causes horror for the little boy, whose family fail to see what is wrong with the doll. A scripted feature that we have seen many times before and didn’t need to see again, the story is just like the first but with nothing new. And the acting is just as bad.

The acting within the feature is wooden and not in a doll-like way. They try way too hard to make the cheesy lines on the script pages flow but fail to do so. It becomes a continuous path of something bad, getting mad into something a whole lot worse.

With not much new about it, a bad story and the effects of a horrible horror film, Child’s Play 2019 is a feature that won’t be scaring many this Halloween. A film to watch if you are a fan of the character, but not if you are a fan of the series. Chucky should be placed back in his box and left to be as he was if future films are planned to be made after this one.

2 Stars

Joey X

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