Blogtober Day Ten: The Best Candles To Light Up Your Autumn


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Hey Lovelies,

Crazy candle loving lady here! Since the start of the year, I have been getting more and more obsessed with candles. Big jars, little jars, tea light or wax melt, give me a scent to fall for and I’m your girl. Especially if it is anything bakery related.

Next to my bed, I have five candles that I just can’t burn but love to sniff. Whilst in my living room and kitchen, I have some amazing smelling ones that burn for hours to make my house smell delicious. All different in brands, but all brilliant.

Blogtober 2019 deserves to be celebrated with a round-up of my favourite smells that I can’t help but encourage you to look for lovelies. Wrap yourself up in these scents this autumn:

Iced Almond Cookies, Yankee Candle: Currently in my kitchen, this candle makes my home smell cosy and sweet, without being too overpowering.

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Halloween, Home Bargains: Before you even light this you can tell it smells of Refresher sweets. My mum thinks it smells of another kind, but to me, it is the treat instead of a trick when lit.

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Christmas Memories, Yankee Candle: The best, and I don’t mind having a fight about it, Christmas Candle there ever has or will be. Smelling of sweet baked treats, it is my favourite candle ever and I live for Christmas to be able to burn it.

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Belgian Waffles, Yankee Candle: Best enjoyed on a Sunday morning, this candle is part of their brunch range and it smells delicious. You know that Eleven from Stranger Things would also approve of this.

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Gingerbread, Home Bargains: When it comes to autumn/winter, if you don’t have a Gingerbread candle, you should be ashamed of yourselves! Only joking! But seriously, this one lasts for ages and comes with a reed diffuser that is just as good.

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Spiced White Cocoa, Yankee Candle: The newest candle in my winter collection, this was one I managed to pick up at the Yankee Candle outlet and I love it. For anyone thinking of making a hot chocolate station in their kitchen, this would go great with it.

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Light up one of these lovelies and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. I can’t help but stand and sniff them like a mad person when I find one I love. A few weeks ago there was a burnt toffee one in TK Maxx and I’m still regretting not buying it! It smelt delicious!

Where and which candles do you love to buy lovelies?

Joey X

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