Blogtober Day Five: Get Your Halloween Party Sorted With Pippin Prints


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Hey Lovelies, 

October is moving along quickly and with it comes the all-important Halloween party planning. Every year, I like to spend the day getting the house super spooky and then watching lots of horror films. All whilst greeting the little ones, who come to our door with sweet treats I have gathered.

My house must be decorated though weeks in advance. In a similar way to Christmas, all I want is to celebrate the season as much as I can. There so, I have gathered quite a lot of decorations over the years. I even have a box for them. Yet, this hasn’t stopped me from looking out for more, including special Halloween party pieces.

When I stumbled upon a request online from Pippin Prints, I was interested in finding out more and reached out to the amazing Emma, who makes the pieces. After a few emails, I discovered her Etsy shop, where all her designs are housed. Created and sent via a PDF, for easy printing at home, her pieces include one of a kind wedding, Halloween and birthday pieces that help to make your home or event pop.

After being offered the chance to review three pieces, I instantly headed to the Halloween section of the site. Deciding on a Trick or Treat print, the Halloween party pack and a special autumn J print as well, I couldn’t wait to see what the next steps would be. Receiving the pieces in a PDF format made it super easy for me to get the items instantly and I found that I could print them straight away, instead of waiting for weeks to get the items.

My Halloween party could start right away with the pack, which included bunting, invites, cake toppers and food name tags, as I had everything, I could possibly want for it. Whilst, I printed the prints out and put them up instantly too. The only thing I found hard about them was finding the right frames.

The party pack was the piece though that I was most interested in. I loved the orange design and when I decided to use them, I only had to find the card to put them on. I didn’t have to do anything to over the top and the only effort I had to make was folding and sticking them to string and toothpicks. Writing out the invites wasn’t stressful either because if I made a mistake, I could just print out more. I haven’t ever used Etsy before to buy items, even though I have been on the website before to look.

Having the help of the Pippin Prints team made finding digital pieces a lot easier and I liked the fact that I could get my items instantly. Halloween is a special time for me every year and the prints I now have from Pippin Prints can be used time and time again. Helping me to save money but still be festive.

If you are thinking of hosting a party or are looking for new autumn/seasonal based items, I would definitely suggest trying the website to find what you are looking for. It can be a really cost-effective way and Pippin Prints' are a fabulous team who deserve to have their pieces shared more. They have so much more on their website (the Say Yes to The Dress items are great), for you to choose from. The J print is going to be up in my room for the whole year lovelies.

I want to thank them so much for allowing me this opportunity and I can’t praise them enough. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get and when I found out I had to print them myself I wasn’t sure about it. However, in the end, it turned out to be such a good experience that I will be looking for more items for certain in the future. To find out more about Pippin Prints, head to their website or Instagram lovelies. I am sure you will not be disappointed!

Joey X

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