Blogtober Day 27: Decorate Your Home For Less This Halloween With These Simple Tips


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Hey Lovelies,

Having spent all of Monday morning planning, finding, smashing and putting up my Halloween decorations, our house is ready for the festive season.

Yet, I can’t help but feel that it needs something else adding to it. A feeling I think comes from the amount of stuff that we have in shops now tempting me. Who else agrees?

I want the ghouls, ghosts and giant butlers who greet people and dance. I want projectors floating objects around me home. I want a hand that runs around the floor. Simply I can’t get enough.

I know though that I don’t need it all. When it comes to Halloween, you can make the most of minimum or homemade pieces in fact. To help you decorate your home without going too overboard, I have made a list and reasons why you only need a few pieces to make a room pop. Find them below:

A Pumpkin: Carved, painted or decorated however you like, a pumpkin can even be kept as it is, and Halloween just screams from it. I am yet to even get mine, however, I’ve seen some cheap ones in Marks and Spencer’s for 65p that I will be investing in.

Red Food Colouring: Use it to decorate food, crafts or even faces (not too much) on the big day and you will save a fortune on face paints and fake blood. Supermarkets often have it super cheap and I’m sure you probably already have it in your cupboard, so take a look lovelies.

Toilet Roll: Need a last-minute costume or looking for a cheap way to decorate your home? Use a roll of toilet roll! Throw it around the garden to make a ruined mummified effect or as a costume my wrapping it around yourself and becoming a mummy. Super simple, super cheap. If you can, roll it back up when the big event is over and use it for what it is meant to be used for aha!

Black Felt Pens/Paper: Using black card or paper or simply a felt pen can transform anything into a spooky effect. Cut the card to make faces for a pumpkin or use the pen to draw them on. You can even do the same thing with tiny satsumas if you don’t have lots of room for giant pumpkins. They will make any lunch box happy.

Fairy Lights: Whatever colour they are, since Stranger Things arrived, you can make any house spooky with them. Let trick or treaters know they are welcome with a flickering set in the window of around the door.

They may be the simplest things and often we don’t think about them, but by using these five items you can save money and time decorating your home. The pens could be used on windows. Make a sign. Find a bowl you no longer use and decorate it for the sweets you give out. Make your own treats instead of buying them. I could go on forever lovelies.

Once you normally start thinking about ideas and what to do it can make the process so much better. You often find yourself coming up with overs in fact. Have a look around and see what you can use to decorate lovelies and I’m sure you will come up with something magical.

Just make sure to share what you come up with, as I would love to hear about them!

Joey X

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