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Hey Lovelies, 

When you hear people mention Scarface nowadays, it is mostly in quotation. The figure who ruled the 80s gangster scene is now more of an icon than he has ever been before. Something that is sure to grow with the re-release of the film on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally today.

Undoubtedly the film that made Al Pacino’s career, the feature follows Tony Montana, as he tries to grow his name and reputation in the world of drugs, sex and violence. With Michelle Pfeiffer starring alongside him, the actor puts on a convincing display as a mad man, looking to rise to the top. Yet, it doesn’t make the film the strongest feature to come out of the 80s.

Although there are several quotes that we could shout, there seems to be a lack of actual story or need for a feature. Even after all these years. Montana isn’t a character built to be liked and in the face of features such as The Godfather, it just doesn’t stand up. While people would seek to see more from the later, not many would ask for a sequel to Scarface.

The feature is one that is watchable mostly for the stars that feature within it. They are the reason to watch. You need to see them build their early reputations to witness how they have changed over the years. Their progression is enjoyment and without Scarface, we wouldn’t have been able to have seen it.

With a classic film figure leading the way, Scarface will always be a cult hit. However, if you haven’t seen it before, there isn’t much you are missing out on. Watch for the quotes and the acting but be warned there isn’t much else to see.

3 Stars

Joey X

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