Blogtober Day 26: Family Friendly Halloween Films and TV Shows To Enjoy Together


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Hey Lovelies,

Not everyone enjoys watching scary movies or shows at Halloween. Often, in fact, the people who celebrate it the most can’t, being too little to fall into a festival of ghouls and gore.

This doesn’t mean though that you or they can’t enjoy a whole host of films and TV treats. Over the years there have been many that make the scares a little less scary. I have taken a little look in my cupboard to find a few I would recommend that everyone can enjoy.

Grab the sweets, turn off the lights and snuggle up on the 31st with these delights:

Edward Scissorhands: One of my favourite films, this film is a mixture of both Halloween and Christmas delights rolled into one. You won’t be able to not fall for Edward’s innocence.

The Descendants: With the third film having just launched on the Disney Channel, now is the perfect time to go back to the start. For the young ones, this will be like what Halloweentown was to us 90s kids.

The Addams Family: Go back in time and watch these classics for an afternoon of pure entertainment. Wednesday is my style icon and you will find me in my witch’s jumper and plaits to support her on the big day.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: It could be the old one or the new one, but Sabrina is the witch to watch on Halloween. For me, it is the old one I will be watching, but either is perfect.

Hocus Pocus: If The Witches seems a little bit too scary, introduce this gorgeous set of witches instead. You will be wishing you had a broomstick as soon as you see it.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: There are moments in this show that can be terrifying, but it is a joy to watch 99% of the time. Buffy is also one of the most kickass characters of all time.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Whether you see it as a Halloween or Christmas film, there has never been a better time to pop on this animation. I think it is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to October, as you can enjoy it up until the end of January.

Stranger Things: Probably one of the best modern thrills on TV, this is the ultimate binge-watch series to fall into this Halloween. Start from the beginning and see how long it takes for you to finish the lot. I promise you it won’t take long.

With today being a Saturday, this may actually be a good list to have as a film marathon tonight. Get a hot chocolate, add a few extra treats and jump in a homemade fort for super comfort lovelies. Fighting over what to watch first will be the hardest part!

Joey X

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