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When you think of British features, there are many genres we can place them in. Especially as the times change. However, one that we have become renowned and well-known for is our gritty heart. We take the worst of times and make them into the best. We turn hopes and dreams into realities. We bring our sarcasm and wit, churning it into charming affairs. All of which feature in Jesse Buckley’s new film, Wild Rose, out today on DVD and digitally.

With Julie Walters portraying her mother, Buckley stars as Rose-Lynn Harlan. A single mother fresh out of prison, who longs to leave her home in Glasgow to become a country singer in Nashville. Unable to get her dream through to her mother, Rose-Lynn starts to give up on her hopes, becoming a cleaner. Until the woman, she works for encourages her to go for her dreams upon hearing her sing.

Much like the films, This Is England and Fish Tank, Wild Rose presents a true mixture of the kitchen sink dramas Britain has become known for and the hopes and dreams of Hollywood. It is a delight to watch and the blend shows the never-ending talents of the cast, as they bring the strong script and story to life.

Having stormed onto the scene in Beast, Buckley continues to pave the way as a rising star. Her portrayal of Rose is gritty, authentic and a show of real talent throughout the feature. When up against British powerhouse, Walters, she presents a similar rawness that Walters has shown throughout her career. It is something that promotes the promising rise that her career is sure to go on if she keeps picking features like Wild Rose and her back catalogue.

With a small scope of marketing and cinematic time, Wild Rose was not given the power it deserved when being shared with UK audiences. Now out on home entertainment, it is a feature that will not only show a true star being born in the likes of Buckley but the power of the film as a whole. A feature that audiences will come away from uplifted by.

4 Stars

Joey X

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