Enjoy The Bank Holiday Weekend With Salcombe Gin’s New Rosé Sainte Marie


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Hey Lovelies, 

It isn’t every day that your postman brings you a bottle of gin, but yesterday mine did just that. Fresh off the shelves, a lush pink treat arrived in a white box, taking on the form of Salcombe Gin’s new Rosé Sainte Marie.

Inspired by the Mediterranean, the Rosé Sainte Marie, which has been out since early July, is a dry rosé gin, created to work alongside the company’s multi-award-winning London dry gin, Start Point. Having been named after the iconic ‘Sainte Marie’ lighthouse marking the Southern entrance to the Old Port of Marseille, the place where 19th century Salcombe Fruit Schooners would load citrus fruits and herbs bound for England’s ports, the gin is a summer smash.

Full of fresh lemon peel, Provence herbs, red fruits, white flowers, orange blossom, lavender and lemon verbena, with a hint of white pepper and traditional juniper, it captures everything that you associate with summer in a bottle. In fact, it even looks like summer in a bottom due to the pink peppercorn additions that make the colour of it.

Said to be perfect to have at the beginning or end of a meal or as an aperitif or a digestif, at the beach, pool or even in your garden whilst enjoying the sunshine (please come back!), this no added sugar gin, was exactly what my family needed after a bit of an odd August day. With the bank holiday insight as well, it only felt right.

After unwrapping the white and pink box, I was delighted to find the little bottle inside. Upon opening it, there was a sweet smell, which I know may sound odd, but reminded me of a perfume. I probably would wear it as one to be honest, if I knew I wouldn’t get any funny looks for it.

Pouring in a small amount with classic tonic water, I handed the glass to my mum, who is my regular guest tester. As someone who isn’t the biggest gin fan, she enjoyed the glass much to her surprise. Reminding her of a chilled glass of wine, which she would pop open when enjoying a salad in the garden on a special occasion, she was hit with the idea of it being the ideal bottle to have at a BBQ or summer event.

With the pink tint in the glass, the gin mixture also reminds you of a glass of wine. But this is a whole load better than the average tipple lovelies. Rosé Sainte Marie has a 41.4% ABV and for a 70cl bottle, it is a little bit more costly than the average gin at £40 per 70cl bottle, but it is worth it if it can turn even the gin hater into a fan. 

Plus, the team who make the gin are so caring when it comes to helping their customers and that is another reason to value them as a brand. Having not only produced the gin to suit the history that their drinkers know, but they also come up with recipes. Again, inspired by the summer breeze and sultry seas, they made a gin spritzer that I am sure will pop for all:

Salcombe Spritz

Simply fill a large wine glass with ice, add the Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte Marie and Aperol. Top up with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water, stir gently and garnish with a twist of orange peel on the side of the glass.

Being a family that doesn’t normally buy gin, my mum and dad, were happily surprised by the taste and outcome of the glass they enjoyed. I don’t know if they would drink regular gin now, but they have both said that the idea of the spritzer is one that they would definitely like to give a go.

If you want to find out more or to purchase a bottle lovelies, head to the Salcombe Gin website or look out for it in selected independent retailers nationwide. That cute pink bottle will be super sweet in any home!

Joey X

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