Everything That Happened at the Ugly Dolls Manchester Gala Screening


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Morning Lovelies,

Ugly Dolls was something that I had not heard anything or seen anything about until I heard of a new film featuring them lovelies. Researching and delving into what they were all about, I uncovered a world called Uglyville, a hidden place where Moxy, Mandy and more live.

Voiced by some of the biggest names in music including Janelle Monae, Kelly Clarkson, Pitbull, Nick Jonas and more, the film, which is due out 16th August, hosted its UK premiere in Manchester yesterday and whilst I was unable to go, my nephew Leo, his cousin Sophie and my brother Gio went along to catch up with the characters.

Held at the Trafford Centre Odeon, the trio were greeted by Moxy and co for a very exciting photo opportunity. Before heading into all the action, which included making their own Ugly Dolls from socks and accessories. The threesome then headed into the cinema, where they were kindly gifted popcorn, a tote bag and a colouring set. Something I know my nephew will have loved, as he is a fab drawer/artist. Before settling in for the film.

Due to me not being there, I wasn’t able to get a full review of the film lovelies, but upon leaving the cinema, I got a very excited call from them to let me know their thoughts on it. With Leo and Sophie enjoying the characters and my nephew, who I am not sure if he knew anything about them, already telling me all their names and his excitement of meeting them, I have a feeling it may have started a new craze with him.

My brother, who was able to give me a bit more of a detailed review, was quick to tell me that the film focused in on the characters through an adult way. Fit for all the family, he told me that the film begins with the Ugly Dolls being separated into clichés. The cool dolls, the jocks and so on. All leading to the Ugly Dolls, who want to fit in and decided to do so on their own.

Full of messages about self-worth, acceptance and not being afraid of your flaws, Gio went on to tell me that the film was full of up-to-date topics that children and adults will understand. It is a reminder to all adults to love themselves. A feature for younger children to accept themselves no matter what. Something we can all get on board with.

Whilst the Ugly Dolls may not have a big release or be well known yet, with messages like this and kids about to enjoy the film in the way Leo and Sophie did, they are going to explode. And rightfully so, if they are showing us that self-love is the answer to everything. Not the clichés that society puts us in.

Thank you so much to the Ugly Dolls team for letting them go and I can’t wait to see the impact that it has had on Leo and Sophie, as well as those who go on to watch it upon its release!

Joey X

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