Strictly, Jumpers and the C-Word! 10 Signs You Are Ready For Autumn To Arrive Already


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Hey Lovelies, 

Recently whilst scrolling through Twitter, I saw someone had written about already feeling excited for Christmas this year. Using the C-word in the middle of summer is normally shamed, but lots of people were quick to exclaim their excitement too. Maybe it is the fact that Gavin & Stacey will be back this year (praise the lord). Maybe it is the cosy vibes. Or simply we have had enough of burnt BBQs and are now seeking a cosy cuppa instead.

Whatever it is I am down for it. I begin planning Christmas, as soon as the last one is over. I seek to see all the Halloween items in the shop to decorate my house with. I long for the days when wearing about five jumpers, a jacket and a coat are not shunned. Snuggling up under a duvet, with a good box set or film, is also a must.

Autumn and winter start for many of us, however, when we start to spot these signs…

1. When shopping you have started to spot the summer items going into the sale and Halloween costumes being brought in. Back to school items are stored before kids even break up and the weather is shouting for you to buy a pumpkin already.

2. Whilst Christmas starts being discussed everywhere and Selfridges opens their shop in July. We all know that by now if you haven’t heard the C-word by July then you have had a bit too much sun!

3. Speaking of sun, you will hope for a last burst of autumn sunshine at the end of September but secretly wish for jumper weather and cosy evenings in.

4. We start to worry that we might not have prepared for the cold and begin hunting out old jumpers and sweaters. However, secretly we have kept them out in the UK due to our unsure weather patterns and instead use it as an excuse to buy more.

5. A shop in Primark leads to a brand-new throw, a few candles and a pair of PJs that we say are for the weather gets colder, but we all know will be used on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night that week.

6. TV shows start announcing their autumn and winter series and all plans are cancelled from the end of September until March the following year. Peaky Blinders, Strictly, and I’m A Celeb are the main culprits that we binge on.

7. Getting ready for the cosy winter foods brings all the joy and so you ceremoniously throw the BBQ in the shed for another year. Goodbye burnt sausages and hello warm, gooey stews and pasta dishes galore.

8. This will also lead to a stockpiling session of teas, coffees and pumpkin spiced lattes that you will ensure you have to get you through the colder months. Also causing a frenzy of new mug buying, because a flamingo shaped one from Asda is a must!

9. You will start to wonder if you should start Christmas present shopping now to get ahead of the game. You will then put it off as being too early and be found rushing around your local supermarket looking for items to buy your loved ones on Christmas Eve.

10. Ultimately, you will be found wondering how we are already nearing the end of 2019 and wondering with everyone you meet, “where has the year gone?”

I can’t wait to throw on the winter sheets, bring out the cosy jumpers and snuggle up in the warmth under a duvet. Sorry summer, but I am ready for pumpkins, Halloween, Christmas and all the thrills of the cooler months. Who’s with me?

Joey X

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