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Morning Lovelies,

Years ago, a dark film hit cinemas and caused a storm. It was the film that no one saw coming. It had superb acting. A fabulous story. A beauty about it that only comes in the rarest forms of cinema. It was In Bruges, starring Colin Farrell in probably his best role yet and today it is coming out on limited edition Blu-Ray for us all to enjoy again.

Back in 2008, before Three Billboards earned him the Academy Award for Best Director, Martin McDonagh created In Bruges. A cult classic that sees two Irish actors going head to head in some of their finest performances. Farrell, alongside Brendan Gleeson and fellow cast members Ralph Fiennes and Elizabeth Berrington, play two hitmen, who are sent to Bruges on a job by their boss Harry. Only for it to go horribly wrong, due to love and upset caused by the two men.

Full to the brim with new features, this Blu-Ray adaptation allows for the spirit of the film to be recaptured in its finest form. From a beautiful cover to addition interviews that allow for you to see the film in a whole new light, there is a freshness that will bring this cult hit to a whole new audience and rightly so.

McDonagh has a way of making even the heaviest of features feel light and this raw tale of two men who you probably shouldn’t like but do reflects his talents. Much like Three Billboards, it is the people that you wouldn’t want to meet that you fall for. You want to know about them. Their past, present and future. A feeling that stems into the way that this whole film, over ten years later, still makes you feel upon watching.

4 Stars

Joey X

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