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Hey Lovelies, 

It isn’t every day that I review underwear, but when I saw the opportunity online to discover more about Julie May Lingerie, I was interested and wanted to know more. As I hope to grow more body confident and see my shape change, as I get over my condition, I have begun to find my love of fashion again. Including beautiful underwear.

Often I go around in my very old M&S comforts, but as times change I know that I want to feel good right down to my underwear. Julie May Lingerie was a brand that I saw online and they stood out to me due to their inclusion of bra cup sizes ranging from UK 34B to 40E and dress size UK 8-18. In soft satins and silks, the company makes collections suitable for every woman and when tasked with picking a collection to review, I found it very hard to do so.

Deciding to go with the Blossom range, I was greeted with a super soft pink and white bra and brief set in a size 34B and 8. On first impressions of the bra, I loved the way that it had extra support, without having an underwire. A comfy change from the digging that some bras come with. This idea was reflected in the material of the knickers, as the lace and satin material worked well to give a stylish feel to the pair.

When trying them on, I loved how they felt on my skin. It may sound a little weird, but I was so happy with the fitting and feel of the bra that I got my mum, who is the same size as me to try it too. My mum has a condition that affects the lymph nodes in her armpits, and she is unable to wear underwire.

As a more experienced user of wearing pieces like this, she was also pleased with the added support provided within the bra, the changeable ability within the straps and the whole look of the garment. Both of us agree that it made us feel fancy at an affordable price of £53.

Having never heard of them before discovering them online, I am definitely interested in finding out more about the brand. Looking at their social media, which can be found @juliemaylingerie, there are lots of collections that I know both myself and my mum would like to see and experience too, as it would be interesting to know if they are as soft and pretty as this collection was.

I seriously feel like the items are great for all ages and sizes and would be happy to recommend the brand to others. Especially those who are looking for non-underwired pieces that don’t want items that look like sports bras and such. For my mum, it was nice to see her feel so confident in the bra when I know she struggles to find them because of her condition.

To find out more about Julie May Lingerie lovelies, head on over to their website and to discover the Blossom range, find it here. I hope that you too will be as impressed, as we were, and I can’t wait to see what other collections the brand brings out next.

Joey X

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