Red Carpet Hair Ready? The Curl Company by Creightons Professional Will Help!


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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

If by now you don’t know, I am not the biggest hair and beauty queen. I wear my hair in Wednesday Addams plaits every day and rarely put makeup on my face. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t try and look after myself. I just do it in different ways. Methods that are not normally shown in public!

When it comes to my hair, the shower is where I like to look after it. As many of us do. If you were to look in my bathroom, you would see the different products I have tried, tested and loved so much I have brought again. Dove, TREsemme and Garnier have been my brands of choice for years, but when a friend got in touch to see if I would like to try a curl product with a difference, I instantly said yes.

I was born with my dad’s big, thick Italian hair. It is wild in Mufasa from The Lion King wild. I often battle with frizz and dream of having a hair stylist like the stars, who can tame it, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon I’m afraid aha! There so, I am always trying new things and with The Curl Company collection by Creightons Professional having landed on my desk I decided to give it a go.

Kindly I was gifted the Care for Curls Sulphate Free Conditioner, Deep Conditioning Curl Masque, Style your Curls Enhance & Perfect Curl Cream, Shape & Define Styling Crème Gel and Hold & Body Curl Defining Mousse to try. All containing a unique blend of Moringa Oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil, specifically formulated by hair experts to help enhance and define curls and waves through locking in moisture, controlling frizz and creating curl definition.

I will start by admitting that I knew I probably wouldn’t use the curl cream, mousse or gel, so I decided to test the masque and conditioner. Heading into the shower, I brought the masque with me and applied it easily. Leaving it to do its magic whilst I shaved, the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous smell that came with the product. It smelt like summer days and that made me happier in an instant. When the five minutes leave-in time was up, I rinsed my hair with my normal shampoo, before applying the conditioner. Again, it smelt lovely and I could feel that my hair was already a lot smoother than it was before.

Upon getting out, I normally towel dry my hair by leaving it wrapped on top of my head for a bit. This is probably where my normal bit of frizz comes from, but with so much to deal with, it is often the quickest way for me. After a few minutes, I headed back into the bathroom to sort my plaits and could see a difference already. My frizz attack starts as soon as the towel is off, yet I could see my natural ringlets so clearly. There wasn’t a fight with them either and putting my hair in plaits was done quick and easily. Plus, less frizzy!

I don’t know if I am fully ready to give up my trusty hair care products, but as a treat every so often, I would use the Curl collection again. They have left my hair silky smooth with a lovely curl and wave, which I haven’t seen in a long time. I have passed on the gels and cremes to my mum, who commented on the nice non-sticky feel they left her hair in and the gorgeous smell.

To find out more and to see the collection, head to the Creightons Professional website, which has tons of beauty and hair pieces to suit all needs. Whilst I may not be getting that stylist anytime soon, I now know I can rely on brilliant products like these to help tame the mane.

Joey X

(#AD: Some of the products in this post were gifted to me but I received no money for the review and all thoughts are my own.) 

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