A Little Message to Mark National Eating Disorder Awareness Week


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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

This week, it is National Eating Disorder Awareness week. Since I was diagnosed with anorexia last year, I’ve noticed a lot about society. I’ve noticed how much we throw around the word’s fat and skinny. How people speak about others weight without even knowing what a person is going through. And it is not acceptable!

I’ve had people tell me to not worry and to just eat what I want. I’ve had people tell me to stop being so emotional. People have come up to me and before they have even said hello, they have told me to put on weight. I’ve had people ask if I even listen to the doctors and dietician. I’ve had people try to make jokes about my illness to my face. All of which harmful in recovery and all experiences I know others will have had too.

Right now, I am the lightest I have ever been. A side effect to eating more food, although many wouldn’t believe this. I attend weekly weigh-ins that terrify me and speak to people about what I am eating, whilst slowly introducing new things. I am doing this because I want to finally look in a mirror and love what is reflected. I want to eat meals with a mixture of foods instead of fearing them. It is taking its time, but slowly I will recover.

This week is a time to truly cherish yourself and others. Don’t make comments about people’s bodies. Talk to them instead about life, love and the world. Stay positive and don’t ever be afraid to speak out about your illness. Recovery is all about letting your voice be heard over the demons. It is something that everyone deserves however long it takes!

Joey X 

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