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Good Morning Lovelies, 

A Christmas Eve treat from Universal sees the welcoming of Upgrade, a film that has a lot of qualities that shouldn’t work but do! Following a young man, who is faced with the option of moving again after a tragic accident, which also caused the death of his wife, Upgrade is an AI thriller that will rip you in.

Grey Trace (Marshall-Green) is a technophobe muscle car mechanic who longs to get revenge on those who killed his wife. When giving the opportunity to move again by Eron Keen (Harrison Gilbertson), a tech giant whose latest invention is Stem, a cockroach-shaped implant, he signs up only to discover not everything is as it seems. The small implant, which sits in his brain, can talk to him, whilst also controlling all the movements in his body. Leading him to the killers in the end.

Writer and director Leigh Whannell has conjured up a film which feels like Terminator meets John Wick for this sci-fi action feature. The film manages to keep and hold onto your attention, without leading you down a cheesy path that makes you want the sofa to swallow you up. Of course, there are moments of sheer madness and the over the top antics don’t work as planned. Yet, the hero of the story is likable and doesn’t let his mishaps or history take the story down to familiar territory.

There so, I am giving the film…

3 Stars

Upgrade is out from the 7th January lovelies!

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Joey X 

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