Home Alone In Concert Brings Christmas to the Royal Albert Hall


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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Since around June, I have been preparing for a very special festive event! I know it may seem a little bit mad, but when the Royal Albert Hall got in contact to ask me if I would like to attend a special screening of Home Alone, I ran around my house with excitement much like Kevin does.

Avoiding any showings of the film until yesterday, me and my mum headed out on my first ever trip to the hall to see the film in concert, as the score would be played and sung by the Cinematic Sinfonia and Crouch End Festival Chorus, conducted by Ben Palmer. If the beauty of the place didn’t destroy me then the screening nearly did.

After collecting our tickets from the box office, we headed into the circle, where we were sat in the front row and in the very centre. Considering the height and positioning of the screen, I would say that the circle or the boxes below are best to view the film, as they suit the screen to eye line perfectly.

Say directly below the screen, the orchestra started the fun by playing along to the 20th Century Fox intro, before leading the score throughout. It is so magical to see how the music in the film comes to life and I actually found myself watching them more than the screen at times.

The choir didn’t come on straight away, but after a 25-minute interval, which was filled with videos that highlighted how the film’s and live orchestra worked, they appeared. Singing special moments such as the church choir scenes and the touching moments at the end of the film, their big piece came at the end with the credits.

Recently we had been to see a musical, which we do every Christmas, yet I have to say that this was so much better. I wasn’t sure how the mix of the two would work or if I would keep getting distracted, but actually, I had pure wonderment at it. I already want to go to another one - if a Star Wars one appears, I am going to be on that so quickly aha!

Home Alone is one of my favourite Christmas films and to see the feature with live music in a beautiful place completely made my Christmas. I would advise anybody to go and experience a film like this lovelies. It has inspired me to seek out more film events with a difference and motivated me as a film lover again. Even my mum, who isn’t the best at going to the cinema, said she enjoyed it and that it was different from the norm.

I would like to thank the Royal Albert Hall for allowing me to experience this amazing event. I will never forget it lovelies and I hope you all get to experience a live performance too because it is pure magic!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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