De Palma & De Niro: The Early Films DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Before Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and  The Godfather Part Two, Robert De Niro worked on a number of low budget black and white features during the 60s along with Brian De Palma. Leading to a relationship that went on to span decades of critically acclaimed work for the pair.

For the first time today, there are being released on Blu-Ray to entertain a new audience and it is safe to say that De Niro has always been talented enough to lead the way. Starting with The Wedding Party, the film shows a true bond between the creator and star, which is the huge draw to the feature and what it represents.

It makes the Greeting and Hi Mom! Features that followed it even more impeccable to watch. Plus, with the addition of restored footage, the acting is capture with close up that are so detailed you won’t forget them. Instead of highlighting the action and drama that De Niro has become famed for, the three films show how well he is as a comedian and provides a new light even now for him.

Both creators may not have been as experienced as they are now in making films, but that didn’t stop them from making a powerhouse trio that will stand the test of time for upcoming filmmakers. They are true masterpieces in their own right.

There so, I am giving them…

4 Stars

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Joey X 

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