The Perfect Christmas Presents For All Can Be Found on Amazon Handmade!


Good Morning Lovelies,

I am starting this post today with a question. When was the last time you made someone a gift? I will put my hands up and say that I can’t remember and that makes me quite sad actually, because I love getting creative when I have the time.

For me, baking a cake or some sweet desserts for others to enjoy is always a winner. I love knowing that something I have made has put a smile on their face, even if only for a few seconds.

Yet, with so many high street shops being our main source of present finding and buying, lots of our creativity goes out the door. Amazon UK have realised this and whilst they are working on making sure everyone is included in their guides, they are also helping lots of independent creators sell their items through Amazon Handmade. A dedicated section for creators pieces.

For months now, I have been going through each section and finding items for my whole family and my mum has come out on top as the person I am definitely going to be treating via it.

After looking all over the site for the right piece to surprise her with, I found this framed print which I simply adore. Me and my mum have a very strong bond and can talk about anything and everything. I’ve been her rock and she mine throughout this and I am so grateful that I get to call her my mum, mother, mother lover and names that I can’t say as they are a private joke between us!

This print highlights how strong our bond is with the personalised details, with our names, my date of birth and the sweet message at the top. This gift would instantly be a hit with her because when we were little she had a person create cross stitch pieces dedicated to each of us kids with information like this on it.

I also want to give her this gift due to the way it comes. I can’t stand it when a picture doesn’t fit the frame you buy. With this print, there is none of that worry as it comes ready to be hung up. Saving us both a lot of time!

I am yet to order the piece but will be doing so over the next few days. I don’t know if I will give her on the big day or I may even hand it to her on Christmas Eve with our festive mugs, as she likes that kind of thing.

It really is the little things that count lovelies and I’m obsessed with how well Amazon Handmade is celebrating small businesses. They have so many items, which I think are perfect gifts for the festive season. As well as, a whole host of pieces that can be used throughout the year.

When I was first made aware of the Christmas shop, there were a few additional touches I loved, including a festive sausage dog cross stitch, which came in the cutest packaging. A feather filled bauble that I have had my nephew’s name put on, as it is his first Christmas with us this year and I want him to have something special on the tree. Plus, some tiny reindeer bags that you can put cutlery in on the Christmas dinner table or fill for a little extra treat on Christmas day, which has also been personalised. There are a number of film posters I also have my eye on at the moment lovelies, which I will be sure to let you know about if I get them.

If you would like to find out more about Amazon’s Handmade items this Christmas, head to their website. I am certain you will find something for all your family lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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