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Uncle Drew is a figure not many would expect to have seen make a big screen journey. But after a highly successful social media reaction, the figure has taken to our screens in Uncle Drew to Star on the basketball scene.

When amateur coach Dax, played by Lil Rel Howery, is kicked off the team, he finds himself turning to the legendary 70-year-old Drew and his friends in the hopes of getting his position back. Using old-school comedy techniques and sports to entice all audiences, the film chronicles the journey Drew has taken to earn himself a spot as the legendary player and the friends he made along the way. Whilst also discovering whether Dex can get his life back on track.

Howery again steals the limelight from everyone else, much like he did in Get Out, with his fragile, kind and very funny performances. Whilst Kyrie Irving’s Drew is just as big as he was in the adverts that made him big. However, Howery towers over him in terms of comedy chops.

Yet, this doesn’t stop the film from being a piece for all those in it. Whether it is the court scenes or the moments that you wonder what is really happening, such as a dance off, they try their hardest to give audiences some fun viewing. And whilst it’s not perfect, it is different to the dark, dramatic performances that this could have tried out.

There are many predictable elements and the plot is easy to lose track of at times. It is like an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians - bad but you just keep watching and end up loving. Losing hours at a time sitting before.

Basketball maybe the main theme of the story, but it is the characters who will stick with viewers. Fun, personal and something to enjoy with the family as we head into the festive season, this film has earned itself...

3 Stars

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