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A few years ago, I visited the Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A. For me, Alexander McQueen was one of the greatest designers who ever lived. He didn’t shy away from the outrageous and the outlandish nature within his pieces or the person he was behind the scenes. Everything he touched was beautiful for being imperfect and that continues on to this day.

In this new documentary looking at the man, who tragically killed himself at the age of 40 in 2010, it shows how the fashion industry is still thriving from his work and ideas. Lee Alexander McQueen entered into the world of fashion during the 90s. A time when the world was changing and free spirits were shining through. The creators of this feature have used this knowledge to bring back the beauty of McQueen’s live shows. From the spray painted model to the naked women in a box surrounded by butterflies.

Dark, gothic and full of mystery, each catwalk reflected a little of McQueen’s personality and this documentary highlights this further. Growing up in London, the designer is shown making his first mark on the fashion world and his last through his own words and those that knew him best. Admitting that he hid his face whilst appearing on TV, due to being on benefits at the start of his career, the film cascades into highlighting how he worked himself so hard that he struggled to deal with the world around him.

Dealing with drugs, sex and not actually much rock and roll, McQueen’s mentorship with Isabella Blow and his relationship with his mother and family are the moments though that stand out. With Blow, the pair faced a drift in their relationship that caused both mental heartache and the footage of this within the film is some of the toughest to watch. A similar feeling is presented when moments are shared with his mother, who you can tell meant the world to him, adding even more tragedy to his death.

By the end of the documentary, there are many questions you will be left with. But the most prominent thought is how beautiful the shows were. Viewers will be left wondering why they are no longer done like this and there is a compelling nature to bring it back.

McQueen doesn’t feature much that hasn’t been featured in other documentaries about the figure, but it doesn’t make it less compelling or endearing to watch. The man was a mystery who showed his true form through his work and this film does the same thing.

There so, I am giving it…

4 Stars

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