Have A Piece of Triangle Magic With Toblerone This Christmas!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

When I use to go to my local Poundland, I would often come out with bars of Toblerone! White, dark and classic milk flavoured, they were my sweet treat of choice every time. In fact, I would even find them in my food Christmas stocking every year.

After a controversial redesign and a love affair tested by having fewer blocks available, the bar has made a comeback in my life. Just in time for Christmas. And it has made me see that they are the perfect film night snack.

With even bigger festive bars of white, dark and milk almond and honey goodness, as well as an epic gift set of five full-sized bars, the company have made sure that the options to share our open. And in our house, that option doesn’t normally happen!

After receiving a dark and white chocolate triangular bar, there was madness in my home, as to who was going to have a piece first. My mum winning every time.

Tucking into the white bar first, she was reminded of when they introduced them a few years ago. Adding a few pieces to some vanilla ice cream, she told me it was like having the now non-existent Baked Alaska Ben & Jerry’s flavour. But instead with Toblerone! Dreamy and delicious according to her and the rest of my family.

However, when it came to the dark chocolate bar, she wasn’t sure how this was going to go. This is where the rest of my family came in. We don’t normally eat dark chocolate in our house. Whilst I love it whatever strength it is, my mum, dad and brothers normally leave these behind in the tin. Yet, all of them stated that because of the honey and almonds, the bar wasn’t so bad due to their sweetness.

Toblerone will always be my favourite chocolate and I hope that with time and help with my eating disorder I will be able to enjoy it again. For now, though, I will be making sure it isn’t left out of our home this Christmas by gifting it to everyone.

To find out more about the bars and Christmas treats, head to the Toblerone website or look out for them in your local supermarket lovelies!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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