The Man Who Invented Christmas DVD Review


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Charles Dickens is well-known for being an author who made one of the best Christmas stories of all time. Scrooge is a figure that makes Christmas Christmas and without him, I don’t think it would be the same. Yet, what about the man behind him? The man whose tragic reality caused him to make this character who brings such joy.

Set in October 1943, The Man Who Invented Christmas begins with a downtrodden Dickens, as he faces the reality that he doesn’t have much money left. Trying to come up with his next masterpiece, Dickens works to beat writer's block to complete the tale that people still read today.

Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens takes the realm as Dickens, in what starts as a cheesy feature that has all the tropes you could expect. Pacing around a room trying to build the idea. Shouting out creative brainwaves and even exploring and becoming the characters. Yet, there is a magic Christmas spark within the film that makes it unable to fail. The story that we all know comes from it.

Normally when the name Scrooge gets shouted out, people get offended. However, in this film, it is this exclaim that makes Dickens able to find an idea and get his ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ moment in the end. Stevens’ plays Dickens well and in a nature that is both not to other the top but also lovable. A bit like Scrooge if you will.

It may not become a feature that many will watch religiously like other Christmas features, but it is an educational piece with a light-heartedness. The characters blossom and grow. The tree and story does too. And it has an element to it that reminds you of a good old classic Sunday night drama to cosy up to.

Drama does try to rear its head, but in The Man Who Invented Christmas, it isn’t able to attach itself well to the plot. But that doesn’t make it bad. In fact, the story flows more in the director of the cast and crew better for this.

There so I am giving the film…

3 Stars

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