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Based on Philippa Pearce’s 1958 novel, about a young boy who time travels back to the Victorian era, Tom’s Midnight Garden was adapted three times by the BBC. With the last version released in 1989. Now as it prepares to make itself a welcome figure in many people’s homes, this classic is sure to bring some nostalgia with it.

Unlike the previous versions of the story, this series is broken up into six episodes to provide a deeper use of the character and his tale. Forced to stay with his aunt and uncle in the countryside, during the summer holidays, whilst his brother gets over a serious case of measles, the show starts with Tom’s growing admiration for the grandfather clock in their home. A piece left by the previous owner.

One night, Tom hears the clock go off 13 times, leading him to investigate the mysterious noise. It is here that he finds that it can transport him back to the 1880s, as he steps into a magical Victorian home all from his back door. During his journey, he makes friends with Hatty, an unhappy orphan and the pair soon become friends. However, not all is as it seems, and their meetings are soon faced with issues.

For the time in which the show was created, this would have been a series that pushed the boundaries. Moments often feel like a softer version of Doctor Who and the characters reactions and motivations are very different to what people would expect, as Tom and Hatty explore the wilderness and ideals of never knowing what is coming around the corner.

Drawing out the story over six episodes mean that details and care are given throughout and the character’s interests are well thought of. As well as the needs of the audience members viewing it. Something is essential with the number of people that will be turning to it in a nostalgic way.

Shows like this are not often created for children anymore, but this story will draw them and adults in in a very refreshing manner. It is light-hearted, but with a story that will make everyone watching think. And there so, it has earned itself this…

4 Stars

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