Say Goodbye To Orange Is The New Black With These Top Moments!


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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Orange Is The New Black is sadly coming to an end lovelies! After six amazing seasons, the seventh, which will air next year will be its last. However, I have no doubts that the show will go out with a huge blast and our favourites will be sent off well!

To mark the news and to make it a happy announcement instead of a sad one, I have teamed up with Lionsgate to celebrate some of the best moments from the show so far...

The Final Episode of Season One: The shows first season was an epic affair, but no one can forget the fight that went down between Piper and Pennsatuckey at the end of the episode. Their fight has left a huge mark on how the characters interact.

Rosa Killing Vee: After annoying everyone in season two, Rosa managed to save the day and herself when she hit evil Vee during her escape. No one felt sorry for Vee and her dismissal it is safe to say.

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Fertilising the Crops: Killing someone and using the body parts to feed the plants is NOT the way to garden. In one of the most shocking moments from the show, Alex kills the horrific Aydin in an act of self-defense. However, when faced with more jail time, she must do what she can and insteps Frieda with her plan.

Taystee’s Trial: After the riot in season five, heartbroken Taystee must face trial for the death of Piscatella. An act she didn’t commit. After a betrayal by Cindy, her sentencing is one of the most heart-wrenching moments the show has ever created and makes the wait for season seven seem even longer.

Poussey’s Death: Before the riot and trial, however, one of the shows biggest moments is Poussey’s death. Hard to watch and handle, the creators of OITNB gave no warning about the death and fans around the world were faced with the same emotions as the characters.

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The Chicken: Not all moments in OITNB have been hard to watch and the chicken episode provided some of funniest scenes to date. Nobody messes with Red on this!

Daya’s Cliff-hanger Moment: Season four was the best season of them all. Dealing with the aftermath of Poussey’s death, the riot began during the end, as Daya and her fellow inmates stormed the prison and took the guards hostage. It was in the final scenes of this season that the gun landed in Daya’s hands and we had to wait to see if she would shoot.

Piper and Alex’s Wedding: In season six, Alex is told she is going to be released. Unsure how this is going to impact her relationship with Alex, the pair wed, and all the best characters surround them for the happy moment.

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Whilst there is a huge sadness that the show is ending lovelies, there is a sense of joy in that we can binge on them all over again. All six seasons to date are out now on Netflix, whilst seasons one to five are out on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally thanks to Lionsgate UK.

Go forth this winter and get cosy, because it is time to fall in love with OITNB all over again!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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