Maynards Bassetts Is Bringing The Carnival of Candy To Life This Christmas


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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Sweets, chocolate and desserts go hand in hand when it comes to Christmas and this year it is no different! However, the gifts definitely are!

Created by Cadbury Gifts Direct, Maynards Bassetts is joining in with the festive fun and bringing the carnival into your home. Featuring eight of their classic and new sweet packets, the Carnival of Candy gift box really does have something for everyone. And kindly the team gave me a sample to try.

Filled with large packets of the delicious delights that we have all grown up with, the gift set includes Liquorice Allsorts, Wine Gums, Jelly Babies, Mint Favourites, Tangy Wine Gums, Silly Snakes Jellies, Straw’Merries Jellies and Beaming Beast Jellies to keep the whole family happy. As soon as I opened it, I knew instantly who would have which bag in our home. And the ones people would fight over.

Upon exploring it further, I was happy to see that the size of the bags hadn’t been changed or edited. Each one was the right amount and some even seemed to have more in them. I don’t know if this is right lovely, but they hadn’t been made smaller like other gift boxes or sweet treats seem to do.

The box set is the perfect gift for those who may not love chocolate as much. It is a boxful of the sweets that you would enjoy on a road trip when you were little or in fact even now. And that really got me thinking about how or who I would give this too.

I loved how my nephew and his mum came into my mind because it showed me that this could be given to them and they could pick who enjoyed what or what they would have together easily. In our house, I know that the wine gums will be enjoyed by all, but the real fight would be for the Liquorice Allsorts by my mum and dad. It happens every year aha!

As an alternative gift, I loved this a lot. The size of the packets and the gift box made it feel like an original and different gift to give to those who would enjoy these lovelies. I haven’t seen anything like this on the market and I wish I had before. I know for a fact that I would have brought them for others if I had.

This set will be shared around our house this Christmas, with a good film or TV box set. I can already see my mum snuggled up with the gummy sweets, sharing them between my niece and nephews.

To find out more about the Carnival of Candy set lovelies, please head to the Cadbury Gifts Direct website. They have so much on there that I will warn you all that Christmas shopping will be done aha!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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