Gas, Food Lodging DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Following two women in different areas of their lives, Gas, Food Lodging’s description is not really what you find when you watch the film. Made in the 90s, the film is now a cult classic amongst many, who have fallen for the story within it. And now Arrow Films are releasing it on Blu-ray to make for an even more epic viewing experience.

Adapted from the best-selling book, the film captures Nora, after she is abandoned by her husband. Working as a waitress to keep her home life with her two children sane, she finds her world rocked, when her daughter Trudi quits school to work alongside before becoming pregnant. Whilst her other daughter Shade spends hours in the cinema, watching classic films.

The film shows how people move from childhood to adulthood in a clever way, but capturing the lives of one family at different stages. There are wants and needs for each character that are different and this makes this modern classic even more praiseworthy. The signs within the film point out what the trio want and need in life and the world that has been spun with these three makes up a clever script and plot for the creators.

However, there are moments where nothing really happens within the film and the characters' behaviour is dulled down to boring levels. Something that could cause audiences to turn off about halfway through.

All of which earned the film this…

3 Stars

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Joey X 

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