Robin Hood: The Rebellion DVD Review


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Good Morning Lovelies,

With many wondering, why we need a new Robin Hood in a few weeks’ time, it may be time to stop. It might be the shining light in a world full of disappointing adaptations of the life of one of the most famous heroes of all time. Especially when it comes just after, Robin Hood: The Rebellion.

Featuring Ben Freeman, known for his role in Emmerdale, Game of Thrones’ Kristian Nairn and British legend Brian Blessed, there is a well-known British cast to tell the tale. Yet, the plot lacks energy, making for a boring feature.

Writer and director Nicholas Winter has tried to build a cast that people will be familiar with to tell the story of how Robin Hood must fight to save the people of Nottingham and Maid Marian from the evil sheriff. However, the acting isn’t given the full range to grow or be explored and as the plot goes on, the holes within it grow.

The camera stays in one place throughout the film, in a way that doesn’t build depth and the level in which the story stays upon means that everything you witness has already been shown on screen before. If you want to see a Robin Hood film lovelies, with a real story, then it may be best to wait.

There so, I am giving the film…

1 Star

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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