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If you mention the artist Andrea Bocelli, many people will say that he is a legend of classical music. There so, when a film was announced of his life story, many were excited to see what the team behind it were going to do. Sadly, it didn’t work quite right.

Going back to when Bocelli was first starting his career, the film stars Toby Sebastian, Luisa Ranieri, Jordi Mollà, Ennio Fantastichini and Antonio Banderas in a feature filled with plot holes and bad filmmaking mistakes. As it explores the harsh world that Bocelli faced to get to where he is, the film takes a long time to provide audiences with that need to watch on.

Starting with the way in which Bocelli loses his confidence to sing due to a mishap at a family wedding, the film takes over an hour to really get going again, when he meets his mentor. From there it doesn’t ever really pick up to the level in which you hope that turning point might make it. Even when he sings, the spark that should ignite doesn’t.

Taking the story of a figure who is so well know is always hard but this one doesn’t seem to ever get over this. There are moments were things do work and you think that the story will now pick up, but it again falls on a flat note.

There is no real sense of knowing what the films purpose is. Who was it made for? What did they think their audiences would learn? And did Bocelli actually give permission for the film, as it seems like it wasn’t actually given a lot of communication with the singer.

Sadly, this has all led to the film earning this…

2 Stars

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Joey X 

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