Cadbury's Gifts Direct Have The Best Festive Food To Enjoy With This Year's Christmas Specials


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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Heading into my local supermarket recently made me really realise that Christmas is coming! Aisle and aisles of food and gifts had taken over what once was a place for back to school items and BBQs. And I love it!

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I adore seeing all the festive pieces out on display. Nothing makes me happier than a turkey and tinsel. So, when I was kindly contacted by the Cadbury’s Gifts Direct team about their amazing selection, I couldn’t wait to get see what they had created for the festive season this year.

Working not only with Cadbury’s items, the team also feature pieces by Green & Blacks, Maynards Bassetts and Oreo within their selection. Meaning there is really something for every chocolate lover in your home. Sending me a selection of gifts, I was greeted to a huge box when I walked through my door on Wednesday night two weeks ago. Full to the brim of some of the best presents I have ever been given. After removing the tape, safety packaging and the polystyrene Wotsits, I was greeted to a whole host of goodness pieces that left me unsure of where to begin.

Grabbing the advent calendar first, the Green & Blacks advent countdown delight is filled with pralines, milk, salted and dark filled treats that makes this more of an adult-friendly item. Bigger than the average advent calendar you may find, the calendar is retailing at £10 in many shops and online and whilst it may seem pricey, the size of the treats judging from the box definitely makes it worth it. Plus, the chocolate has been handcrafted to make Christmas even more fun.

The next thing I pulled out the box was a Daim Bonanza gift box. In my house, I know that this is the one that everyone will be fighting for. Heavier than the rest, the box must be dug into. Once you have done so, there is a whole host of Daim bars, both original and Cadbury’s based for you to enjoy. Luckily for my family, this means that there will be no fights on the big day, as everyone can have a bar.

If though you like your chocolate in the form of a biscuit instead, then the Oreo Adventure gift box may be the one for you. Six different items fill up the set and not one of them is your ordinary Oreo. New flavours make up the package including Chocolate Brownie, Birthday Cake, Cool Mint, Strawberry Cheesecake and Double Creme, as well as a box of chocolate thins. I was severely impressed by this set, as it again shows everyone can have a flavour to enjoy, but also the Oreo lover in your house can discover new flavours they may not have been able to without the gift. Something perfect maybe for a stocking filler or a Christmas Eve box.

Traditional gifts are one of the main focus’ of the company with Cadbury gift boxes available for all to delve into. Included in the parcel was a retro-looking Cadbury's famous bar package, which will take everyone through the years of the Cadbury name and brands, as it features four classic flavours in their original packaging. If it wasn’t hard to pick a flavour already, the competition for the best-looking packaging will be the next big thing to choose from. Although the Caramel one is calling me with that yellow design.

The other items they sent me were two amazing gift boxes. Filled to the brim and ready to make the festive season chocolate filled. Most people get a selection box or tray, but not this kind. Something I had never seen before; the Double Deck Selection Box is filled with every Cadbury’s bar you could imagine and a mini selection box as well. More of a family selection box, this box ensures no one is left out and if you are in control of it, then you might find a sneaky one before anyone else. Case in point, I discovered the Curly Wurly before anyone else aha!

When it came to the last package, it arrived in two boxes. Specially made by Cadbury Gifts Direct, the Christmas Chocolate Gift box is filled with treats perfect for the little ones in your life. In fact, it is the perfect addition to a Christmas Eve box. After removing the purple box from the box, it was in, the gift box, which can be easily opened and resealed, was found to include Snow Bites, Dairy Milk Buttons tube, two types of Freddo bars, Dairy Milk Winter Edition bar, Fudge Minis tube and the Christmas Selection Pack. A treat for every Christmas special on TV lovelies.

Never in my dreams did I think that they would send me this incredible box full of treats and I am now super excited for Christmas, as the whole family can get stuck into them. There is truly something for everyone on their website, as there is a whole host of other hampers and treats to buy. Many of which at great prices. To discover what they have to offer lovelies, check them out online or look out for Cadbury’s Christmas delights in shops now. 

The big question now is, which Cadbury’s bar is your favourite? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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