Joanne Hull Speaks To The Blog About How You Can Communicate With Your Pet To Celebrate New Film Show Dogs


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Animals to me are the greatest thing on this planet. I absolutely adore spending time with them whenever I feel sad or need a little pick me up. In fact, I just love to be around them all the time. Especially dogs and ducks! Random I know, but they are just amazing.

My love for these animals is what led me to this blog post lovelies, as I was offered the chance to speak to the UK’s leading animal communicator, Joanne Hull, about her work with pets to mark the release of Show Dogs on DVD and Blu-ray lovelies!

Discussing how she discovered that she could communicate with animals and the best ways we can do the same, our interview is full of really fun information that will come in super handy if you want to learn more about your pets. Find out how below lovelies…

You are a leading expert in communicating with animals. How did you discover that you could work with them in a different way to others? 
From a very young age I have always loved animals. I knew my connection with animals was stronger than most, yet I thought everyone could hear their messages like I could. This, I soon realised was not the case. Not only did the animals want to be with me, I wanted to be with them too, I was like an animal magnet! When I spent time around them, I just knew what they were thinking, I felt their pain, their emotions and could see and hear the messages they were trying so hard to get across. Whilst it’s a natural ability, it actually took me years to fine tune my communication skills, now I help animals and their people around the world connect on a deeper level, and to enable both animals and people to live in harmony with each other.

Which is your favourite scene in Show Dogs and why?
My favourite scene in the film was when Max was stolen, because just before  this happened, he had tried so hard to tell his handler what was going on, yet the handler didn’t understand him. As Max was taken away he said the line ‘Why can’t people understand what dogs say?’ Our own dogs in real life try so hard to tell us what they want, we can all help by listening, your dogs body language and communication is pretty clear when you just take the time to understand them, I urge everyone to listen to their dogs. Also, it was a refreshing scene when we saw Max, the star of the show, who is a stereotyped breed, a Rottweiler, sometimes seen in a negative light, but in the scene showed Intelligence, agility and versatility. Given the correct guidance, understanding and socialisation, all breeds can become absolutely fantastic and a valued part of a family.

Do you think that people can learn from Show Dogs on how to communicate with their animals? If so, which moment?
Every dog, no matter which breed, has a unique personality just as we humans do, so it’s important to understand that no two dogs are the same, some are feisty little characters, some are calm and serene, each dog will be an individual. By understanding this, you are so much more likely to successfully communicate with your dog and therefore enjoy a harmonious relationship. The part of the film I thought was apt, was when they said that the humans need the training, this is so true! as it is often the case that ‘we’ as humans make most of the mistakes when trying to teach our dogs what we desire, which can easily confuse the dog. Working on how you communicate clearly with your dog, is key, so rewarding your dog when they do a desired behaviour is important. This will help you establish some positive communication and a well behaved emotionally stable companion.

Why do you think films about dogs draw in an audience? 
As a nation of dog lovers, we never tire of watching dogs, from young children through to the elderly, everyone loves man’s best friend. They warm our hearts with their wagging tails, floppy ears, adorable faces and their personalities! And so when we capture an audience with a film about dogs, we find we are in a place of un - conditional love for our furry friends and this feels good. It’s even better when the film triggers our sense of responsibility for our own dogs, it ignites a desire to care, love, nurture and protect the dogs around us.

Dogs are very intelligent animals. Can you tell us an interesting fact about them we might not know? 
I’ve always known that animals can fall in love with each other, but they can also fall in love with their carers too, creating such a magical un-conditional bond that is emotionally connected. Those that have experienced this with their own dog, will know exactly what I mean. Those that may still need a little convincing? Well, according to Paul Zak, a professor at Claremont Graduate University in California, found that a dog’s brain releases oxytocin - the love hormone - when it interacts with humans and other dogs, just the same as a human brain does when we hug or kiss each other.

What is your top piece of advice for those looking to communicate with their animals?
My advice for someone who is looking to communicate with their own animal is to start by using my 5 top tips;

  1. Relax - It is so important to relax around your animal, sit somewhere quietly with them without distractions.
  2. Ask your animal a question - either out loud or silently. When we ask a question we send the ‘thought’ over to the animal without even knowing it.
  3. Listen - What was the first thought that popped into your mind as soon as you asked the question? It will feel like you just answered in your own voice, this is perfectly normal.
  4. Accept - the answer that comes in to your mind.
  5. Thank - Thank your animal for the answer they gave you.

Now practice practice practice! And enjoy. You will soon start awakening and developing your own natural ability to hear the animals.

Finally, what has been your favourite experience when working with an animal? 
I can honestly say I have no one experience as a favourite. I treasure every communication I experience, each one is unique and magical to me. I have been truly blessed to be able to share my gift with others and help thousands of animals around the world to have a better and more fulfilling life. Each and everyone, from the smallest to the largest , all are super special. Whilst they are not human, they still have all the emotions we do, they love, they grieve, they feel pain and can communicate with all the other animals and of course us humans on a telepathic level. We just need to listen.

Show Dogs is available on Digital Download, Blu-Ray and DVD now lovelies and if you would like to find out more about Joanne, please visit her website.  

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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