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Good Morning Lovelies,

Uma Thurman has stayed away from the spotlight recently. Yet, she is back with a dark story that will leave you chilled to the bone.

Starring alongside AnnaSophia Robb, Down A Dark Hall, sees Thurman play Madame Duret. The headmistress of Blackwood Boarding School, a mansion hidden with the forest away from the watchful eyes of others. Used to teach manic pupils into well-mannered ones, the school uses torturous techniques including cutting them from the outside world to help bring the standards of those there up.

As the students come to terms with their new lives, they also find themselves trying to deal with the horrific ways in which Madame Duret acts within the school. Unstable and often unbearable towards others, they frantically seek to discover what the school is hiding and how it may end up affecting them in the same way.

Whilst it isn’t the horror film that would appeal to all, this book to screen adaptation will reach out too many young adult fans this thrilling season. In a world of St Trinians, mixed with Harry Potter and Prom Night, this gothic piece doesn’t always do right, but it does do a lot to make sure you still want to watch it.

Sent straight to DVD and digital release, it may not have seemed promising, but the acting is impressive, and the story reels off in an effective way. True horror fans may not think this way, but for any fans of Riverdale or Elite, it will be right up their street.

The young adults are connectable, even when you are seeing items that are very unbelievable. Robb knows that tackling them will kill off some of the silliness that would turn viewers off and Thurman’s manic ways appeal to a more experienced horror fan.

Of course, the film isn’t the greatest and there is a lot wrong with it. The script is predictable. Some of the girls go overboard with their characters emotions. But it works in other ways too. To an audience that wants to be thrilled but not to the heights of Halloween, Friday the 13th or even Saw.

It is an introductory film to the genre. A piece to show that horror films are all right to watch. A fantasy piece for a thrill seeker in the making if you want.

And there so, I am giving it...

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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